Resist the Temptation

Februari 1st, 2017

Yesterday after school, I had some things I need to accomplish. After completing those things, I got to my rent room and take a bath.

undangan makan D I was ready to take a bed rest because of crazy tired and sleepy when my phone was ringing. A short messages comes from my cousin’s husband. “Anaci. Syalom. Selamat malam. Ayo, mari makan malam di rumah. Mama ultah. Ditunggu kedatangannya.”

I’m confused at first. I know and of course I remember, my aunty’s birthday is on February. But in my head, the birthday’s date on 10th, not on 1st of February. So I asked him back , ‘”Benar, tanggal satu, bukannya tanggal 10?”

“Ya, hari ini. Tanggal satu.”

So, I hurried up. I took my uniform, drop some of my extra stuff into my backpack, and by motorcyle, I ride to Penfui. The rains falls down when I was still on the road.

In there, we’re sharing together until I feel fatigued and tired. I try to wait a little bit of time. I want to know the word that will appears today in daily prompt but I can’t help myself to stay longer. So, I’m going to bed early and sleeping immediately.

I’m wide awake in the morning, look out trough the window, hearing some noisy, and just realize it is raining outside. I woke up and check my phone, what’s the word would appear today? I checked it and yes, it is ‘resist’.

Wow, resist. Resist is not a familiar word to me (what I know about resist is resistor-what I learn in physics when I’m at college) so I think maybe it’s similiar with against or opposite. I ask myself, what shoul I write about resist? I’m still confused where to start.

But, something suddenly appeared in my mind. Now. This is the right time. Yes, now is the time to resist your laziness. You know, this is your struggle to getting out of your bed.  It’s raining outside and what do you want now is just stay lying in bed.

Now, you must to wake up quickly. You have to go to school. You’re a teacher. A role model for your students. No reason, no excuse for being late. So, please…please…please…You must resist the temptation…


Daily Prompt  Feb 1st, ’17:  Resist