Uniqueness About Prayer

I completely agree with this one. There’s no single way to pray. Each of us has different way. Just like me, writing is my way to connect with God. In Indonesian, you can say ‘Menulis adalah caraku berdoa‘ 🙂


Meg's Magical Musings

Just last night, my school has a 12 hour prayer event in our Dover Chapel. I did not get much sleep, but it was worth it. For me, there is not a wrong way to pray and I hope people realize that. The traditional way is quietly with your hands together, but for me, a different way of prayer works better for me. For me, I find it easier to pray to God through the art of writing. I feel like God listens better to me when I actually write them down. It actually helps me express my thoughts and allows me to find time to figure out what to prayer about.

Some people pray better thought praying out loud, some people pray better through the traditional way, some people pray the best through writing, and some people pray the best through drawing out their prayers. I hope people understand…

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Recognize What’s Wrong

Christmas banner that I saw at the church I just attended today (5/02/17) 😦

This question just for Indonesians:

Can you recognize what’s wrong in this picture?

Please, don’t make the same mistake again if you love your country (and your God-of course).

*This post as a response to #Daily Prompt: recognize