When In Doubt…

when in doubt, take an action, face it bravely!

Run and Travel

When in doubt?


It’s interesting how many answers can you get to this question….

  • – When in doubt, punt! (John Heisman)
  • – When in doubt, don’t (Benjamin Franklin)
  • – When in doubt, tell the truth (Mark Twain)
  • – When in doubt, use brute force (Ken Thompson)
  • – When in doubt, throw it out (Jeremy Jackson)
  • – When in doubt, knock ’em out (Chuck Zito)
  • – When in doubt, mumble (James H BOren)
  • – When in doubt, do it (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr)
  • – When in doubt, wear red (Bill Blass)
  • – When in doubt, do something (Harry Chapin)
  • – When in doubt, or danger, run in circles, scream and shout (Laurence J Peter)
  • – When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand (Raymond Chandler)
  • – When in doubt, go with black (Leigh Lezark)
  • – When in doubt, society should err on…

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