6 Things That Are Probably True about You If You Read a Lot of Books…

My daughter’s friend came over for a play date the other day. She’s four and completely sweet and adorable. But, like most four-year olds, she’s also very free with her opinions, …

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The Difference Between ‘Hesitate’ and ‘Doubt’

Hesitate and Doubt (*)

20170304_122535I thought these two words have the same meaning in used. But the fact is they are different. These are the links I found will explain better… 🙂


(*) Love to learn new things :3 🙂





I’ve Heard You Calling in the Night

Source of pict: TheFederalist

I’ve heard you calling in the night” . One of my favorite song lyric. The song’s title is Here I am, Lord. A well known Christian hymn written by Dan Schutte.  The reason why I like this song is because it’s about calling.

As a Christian, I believe that our life is not without God’s will. God has made each one of us in his own image. He made us all perfect having our own uniqueness, with a special gift, for good works which he prepared.

As we know, that there were a lot of pain, a lot of sorrow and tears around us. People are crying because of injustice. In one side, some people were kept going higher and higher, and on the other hand, too many people still crawling. They’re unconsciously suffer under oppressive.

This is fact, and what can we do about it?

As I mentioned before, God has given us special and different gifts. We should use whatever gift we have received from God to serve one  another in love. That’s God’s calling. And whatever we do, whether in word or deed (by speech or action), we must do it all for the glory of God. Our responses is just to trust and obey (Btw, Trust and Obey by  John H. Sammis (words) and Daniel B. Towner (music) is my other favorite song).

Ok, now, before I ended this piece of writing, I want you to read The Story Behind ‘Here I am, Lord’ I think most of you will agree with me that Dan Schutte was already served us and blessed us with his talent. Let’s give thanks to the Lord.

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Recognize What’s Wrong

Christmas banner that I saw at the church I just attended today (5/02/17) 😦

This question just for Indonesians:

Can you recognize what’s wrong in this picture?

Please, don’t make the same mistake again if you love your country (and your God-of course).

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Solitude is a word that people rarely know nowadays.

Why? Because we are too busy with our achievements. We have forgotten that contemplation is the important element in our life. We have forgotten how to contemplate and reflect.

We’re be blinded by the postmodern life style and its philosophy behind. Whether we realize or not, it makes eternal burden for our soul. That’s why so many of us become depressed.

As human being, we need to find a private moment in silence. It will help and refresh our soul from all of the hectic life.

So now, find you private moment. Be silent and contemplate all the things you need to reflect. May the Holy Spirit, the Helper that God has sent, works in you.

Get the result, keep growing, and good luck.

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Thanks for the Showers of Blessing

20170202_170548It has been raining since yesterday. The rain started early in the morning. It continued throughout the day and into the afternoon.


After school, when I went back home, I saw the water flowed through to overwhelm the whole street in front of our school.

Some pedestrians wore raincoats. They walked carefully because the road was slippery and wet.  But, there’re so many kids were playing around in the rain with or without the umbrellas. They’re so enjoyed the movement of flowing water, runing happily, laughing, and splashed water at each other.  Of course I was so happy to see this scene and feel the atmosphere.

Thank you, Lord of universe, for the showers of blessing You bring into our life.


Daily Prompt on February 3rd, 2017: Overwhelming